Both Sides of the Table

If you are a startup and considering how to make the most of your marketing dollars, I would highly recommend that you read Mark Suster’s post “How to use PR Firms at Startups.”  If done properly, public relations can be an excellent tool to help get the word out about your startup and its products – and Suster’s post provides some great thoughts to consider.

Also, if you do not already read Suster’s blog Both Sides of the Table, I highly recommend that you do.
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Former entrepreneur and current venture capitalist Mark Suster has an interesting post on his blog “Both Sides of the Table” about his hiring suggestion to early stage companies.  His “ideal team” at the seed or Series A round (assuming 6 people) is made up of a CEO who doubles as head of product management and 5 engineers.  That’s it, no one else.  However, his recommendation to startups about who they should hire after they have a product built and shipped and have raised that first $2-3 million is
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