Contributed by our colleague Mark Radcliffe

2014 was a great year for startups seeking funding.  Two of the leading reporting companies, PitchBook and CB Insights, report similar trends (both of these reports focus on funding by traditional financial venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists, but the numbers differ because PitchBook also includes some angel investments). The key points are:

1.  Significant Increase in the Amount of Funding:  The funding in 2014 increased dramatically from 2013: according to PitchBook,  funding increased almost $20 billion from $39.4 billion to $59 billion
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RadcliffeMark.jpgCONTRIBUTED BY
Mark Radcliffe

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently noted the increasing importance of the corporate venture capitalists in the innovation ecosystem. WSJ base their conclusion on a recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report that describes the change in corporate venture capital.

I have seen three of the four cycles in the BCG report and I agree that this cycle is different because of the critical role of innovation in large companies. Innovation has become essential for large corporations and corporate venture is a significant tool to manage

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