The 2011 Venture Census results were released this week by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) and Dow Jones VentureSource.  This survey, first conducted in 2008, analyzes the demographics of venture capital professionals in the United States.  Although there was a small increase in ethnic diversity among current venture capitalists (an increase from 12 percent in 2008 to 13 percent in 2011), the number of women investor (non-administrative) professionals decreased from 14 percent in 2008 to 11 percent in 2011 while women administrative professionals accounted for 62
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With the failure of the Congressional Supercommittee to reach agreement by its deadline, some $1.2 trillion in automatic discretionary defense and non-defense federal spending cuts are set to become effective January 1, 2013 (although it remains to be seen what will occur in the intervening year).  One venture capital-related aspect of the failure to reach agreement is that there will be no action taken on changing taxation of carried interest for calendar year 2011, and likely not for 2012.  Mark Heesen, President of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) has
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