Megan Muir

At the recent GeekWire Meetup in Seattle, Rich Barton (co-founder of Zillow, founder of Expedia, and co-founder of various other startups) participated in a Q&A session with John Cook, co-founder of GeekWire.  (Video available here.)  Among other things, Barton encouraged entrepreneurs to aim big and “go for the home run.”  Continuing the baseball analogy, Barton said:

Look, you have an at bat, and it takes just as much energy to swing for the fences as it does to bunt.  OK.  So, why bunt?  Why bunt?  Why not swing for the fences?  I would argue that it is just as likely that you will succeed if you swing for the fences as if you bunt, and the outcome will be much more magical.  And, I have to say, being a part of something that you are swinging for the fences and you are trying to change the world, is an excitement that you just don’t get from bunting.

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