Below are three charts compliments of J.Thelander Consulting and PitchBook that illustrate the dilutive impact over time of venture funding on founder ownership levels. These charts are the result of J.Thelander Consulting’s venture-backed private company ownership survey – and divided by industry (biotechnology, medical device and technology). Read the full article here.

While these charts are directionally helpful, each company will of course have its own set of facts. In my experience, the main drivers of founder dilution are often:

  • the size of the founder team;
  • how long the founders can bootstrap before seeking venture funding;
  • the amount of funds raised and at what valuations;
  • whether the company pivots its business model and how much funding had been previously received;
  • how long it takes for the company to gain user or revenue traction;
  • how long it takes for the company to reach an exit or IPO; and
  • how long the founders remain active in company operations.