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The Startup Company Starter Kit, available in our “Forms” section in the right hand column, provides forms to do any of the following: 

  • Create an offer letter for a prospective employee (state specific and will address confidentiality obligations)
  • Create an agreement that an existing or new employee will sign that protects and preserves the employer’s proprietary information and inventions (often called PIAAs, these are critical for employees involved with company IP)
  • Disclose confidential information TO someone else (for disclosures BY the company) 
  • Receive confidential information FROM someone else (for disclosures TO the company) 
  • Disclose and Receive confidential information (mutual NDA)
  • Engage a consultant (form consulting agreement)
  • Document your release of information to someone who agreed to keep that information confidential (tracks disclosures of confidential information)
  • Create an employee exit interview declaration (a checklist to confirm that the former employee has returned all company information)