Vanessa Fox July 2012.jpgVanessa Fox, CEO of Nine by Blue (software, training, and strategic consulting relating to search), has a great post on her blog today about why she is volunteering as a coach for Seattle Startup Weekend’s Women’s Edition.  Her key points:

  • Our Network is Based On Who We Know (And Who Our Network Knows)
  • Even Without Discrimination, There Can Be Unconscious Bias
  • You Feel More Confident When You Feel Less Alone

Her story explaining the title makes me laugh every time I think of it.  And her post reminds me why it is worth taking the time (time I may not think I have) to introduce a female colleague to a client or someone in the community, to help build her network and to let others know about her talents.  It’s something easy for men and women alike to do; it’s just a matter of remembering to do it.  So next time you are scheduling lunch with a customer or client or someone important in your network, consider including a woman in your organization who might benefit from meeting them.  The more positive connections to your organization, the better, so you will likely benefit as well.

Read Vanessa’s full post here.