Megan Muir

Steve Blank’s post yesterday – with its eye-catching title of “Killing Your Startup By Listening to Customers” – makes some very good points about how to use information gathered from potential customers.  He summarizes it as “understanding who to listen to and why.” His main points:

  • Getting out of the building is a great first step
  • Listening to potential customers is even better
  • Getting users to visit your site and try your product feels great
  • Your job is not to make every possible customer happy
  • Pick the customer segments and pricing tactics that drive your business model

Read Steve’s entire post on his blog, where you can find many articles, lectures, notes from courses he has taught, excerpts of his book with Bob Dorf, The Startup Owner’s Manual, and a great deal of other information, including a collection of tools and links, all aimed at assisting startup entrepreneurs.